About Me

I am a UW-Stout freshman who is looking to make a career in this world as a Tech Ed teacher. Tech Ed were some of my favorite classes in high school and I was always working on something in the woodshop. Cars of all kinds fascinate me, which is why I currently work at a car dealership back at home. Sports are my thing, I plan on playing lacrosse here at Stout. I am among the few to call myself an Eagle Scout after many years of boy scouting. Boy scouting is where my love to camp came from. Tent, winter, summer, you name it I camp it. During the summer time you can find me disc golfing and longboarding. One day I hope to own a white GMC truck and a corvette because I am ‘Merican! Family is very important to me, I love my younger brothers and sister with all of my heart. I have a niche for figuring things out by taking them apart and putting them together. I was a kid who grew up building intricate Lego sets. I am a part of the SAE Baja club here at Stout and hope to learn more about automotive, engineering, and small engines while in it so I am a better teacher in the future.


Why I am writing about this

Well you see here, this is an assignment for my English class. We are writing a profile of a place here on campus that we are outsiders to. The place I am writing about is the SAE Baja garage. The discourse community that works in the garage is the SAE Baja club. I am apart of this club but am no where close to call my self an insider just yet. Sure I payed my dues and have driven one of the cars one time, but I know I am not an insider. Writing a profile about the club and the garage, I feel, will bring me closer to being an insider, by talking to fellow club mates, observing where tools are, who uses them and how they use them, what languages and diction they use in the garage, and finally working on the cars myself. I will include my experiences and observations in my profile and I will talk about how I personally change from being an outsider to becoming an insider. I will also include what the SAE Baja club is all about, why it strikes interest among the members and how the club positively effects the community at stout.